Model #: COBRA18M
# of Cues: 18 per module
Range: 1,500+ ft., 500+ m. direct line of site
Unique Channels: Set to 1 of 100 channels (00-99)
Multiple firing modules can be set to same channel
Battery Requirements: Single 9v battery powers system operations
6+ hours active operation
24+ hours idle (sleep-mode) operation

Double 9v batteries fire cues (18 Volts, 3 Amps)
Max E-matches / igniter clips per cue:
# feet wire* max series max parallel**
50 10 4
100 9 3
250 8 3
500 6 2
* assumes 22 gauge shooting wire
** firing consumer igniter clips in series is generally not recommended due to varied resistance and inability for all clips to fire simultaneously
Dimensions: Inches: 8.24" x 6.47" x 1.65"
Centimeters: 20.94cm x 16.42cm x 4.12cm
Material / Construction: 2.5mm thick high strength ABS
PCB thermal and impact resistant hard-plate cover
"Hot-swap" replaceable 6-cue terminal strips
PU-coated Silicon backlit keypads
HumiSeal® PCB "gel" conformal coating
Gold-plated electronic PCB traces
Dust and moisture resistant design
Radio Communications: Contains FCC (ID: W7Z-ICP0), CE, IC certified RF module
California Eastern Labs (CEL) 802.15.4 RF Transceiver
2.405GHz - 2.48GHz Spread Spectrum
20 dBm (100mW) Tx Power Output
+5dBm 8.5" rubber duck antenna