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Simple. Reliable. Wireless.
Over 7,000 customers in over 80 countries trust COBRA
Leading wireless system for PYRO HEROS and professionals around the world!
Easy to use. Powerful features.

Questions? Call us at 518-222-7410.
Unparalleled Support.
We're just a phone call away, at any time, even at 9pm at night on a shoot site.

Simply call Scott Smith at 518-222-7410.
"Ease of use and reliability is unmatched in this price range."
John Casse, Skylighter of Florida, USA

"It continues to be the reliable answer to 100% of our shows."
Jose de Jesus Macias E., EL VOLCAN, Mexico

"Straightforward and Simple."
Bruce Locke, Ultimate Pyromusicals, Canada

"42 displays in 8 weeks, the COBRA has not missed a beat!"
Chris Corbee, Spectrum Fireworks, Australia

"This system has proven to be the reliable answer to our wireless firing needs."
Zach Taminosian, Zambelli Fireworks, USA

"It's undoubtedly the best choice in wireless firing equipment."
Rodrigo Gomez, PIROART / FX, Mexico

World Class
"Service far beyond what I am accustomed to receiving"
Chris Hupe, Wamego Pyro Crew, USA

"There is no better server and satisfaction with any system. We recommend COBRA 100%."
Alex Arias, PIROEFFECTS, Peru

"Customer service is outstanding."
Zach Taminosian, Zambelli Fireworks, USA


COBRA is a US manufacturer of wireless firing systems used in over 60 countries for firework displays, SPFX and military simulations. Reliability, safety, and ease of use is the foundation of every product we design.

Club COBRA is a free-to-join program promoting support of local pyrotechnic clubs around the world by offering a 10% discount of COBRA purchases to any local club member.

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