Wireless Firing Systems


COBRA Firing Systems proudly boasts thousands of customers in over 80 countries.

80% of our sales come from customer referrals. This speaks to the trust, product features, and service provided by our company.

Please take a moment to read some of our testimonials from around the world.


"I've looked at, and tried, a number of different wireless systems and in my opinion COBRA has them beat for functionality, design and ease of use. Keep up the great work!"
Brian Oberquell, British Columbia, Canada
"The COBRA has performed flawlessly for every show, under some extreme conditions. It's a spectacular system that's affordable, expandable and flexible enough to meet our show requirements. After using wired systems for years, it's been an absolute dream no longer having the hassle of cables."
Don Simpson, Northstar Fireworks, Ontario, Canada
"The two way communication is fantastic and a significant reason why I finally chose the COBRA system. Everything from the continuity testing to the battery power indication is of great value. The current functionality is great and controlling multiple modules and channels from one master remote is a definite advantage and partly what sets this system apart from other systems."
Andre Mattera, Canada
"Firing the show was straightforward and simple. While we were only 100m away, I was surprised and impressed to see every effect had fired as planned. I realize this should be an expected outcome, but this is the first system I've used that shot 100% (including Fire One).

It was only after the show that I realized just how good the Cobra system is. When dismantling the site, I found our Cobra # 5 unit still had the antenna stored inside the lid of the Seahorse case. This was purely my fault for rushing at the end of setup. What made it potentially worse, was all our commercial product and the finale were wired into this unit.

Hopefully this mistake won't be repeated, but it's a true testament to the robustness of the Cobra system. In this case, it even countered for an error on the part of the shooter. My thanks to you for building the best firing system on the market!"
Bruce Locke, Ultimate Pyromusicals, Vancouver, Canada
"The Cobra System was amazing and made pyro setup easy with 100 % on all firing cues. I think will throw out all our other firing systems."
Ted Ordan, FPP Laser Systems, Ontario, Canada


"I did two shows, one on the 3rd the other on the 4th. All my friends told me they were the best shows that I ever put on! I even fired off less fireworks this year compared to previous years. The difference was the Cobra firing system! Plus, I got to enjoy the show! AWESOME! No miss fires, was this made by Apple?"
Anonymous, USA
"The best money I have spent on my show! It brings a whole new level of safety and convenience."
Nick Moody, South Carolina, USA
"Firing from barges, the ability to check signal strength from the land based firing position on each module is very reassuring."
Bill Colombo, Florida, USA
"A well thought out piece of equipment."
Vito Occhino, New York, USA
"Easy to use and makes shows a no hassle event."
Jon Cross, Kansas, USA
"The ease of use. This was my first year to put on a "show" and although I researched forever....the system was very easy to understand/use. The remote is great!"
Paul Shelton, Oklahoma, USA
"Ease of remote is nice, customer service is exceptional, and the range is undersold."
Andrew Reiff, Michigan, USA
"I have recommend this system to anyone who is looking to purchase."
Simon Lord, Florida, USA
"The Cobra system provided my audience a great show while providing me with 100% ignition on all ematches and talon igniters. During setup the bi-directional communication caught that I had failed to setup one channel correctly on one of the modules. This could have been a disaster, but I caught up from the remote at the last minute."
Ted Sargent, New York, USA
"If there is such a thing as a (VIRGIN) with any type of these systems that would be me. I have never even laid eyes on anything like this much less used one. I am basically just a back yard consumer firework enthusiast who does the show at our river lot each 4th for several hundred people. And with the help of the Cobra system and Scott it was by far the best show I have ever done. It was the first time I used it but I did manage to impress myself and the crowd loved it. Any way my conclusion is simply this, if a redneck country boy like me can use the Cobra system the very first time as well as I did then it is without a doubt the best there is. Thanx Scott and the Cobra team for making me look like a pro."
Mike Bridge, Virginia, USA
"I just wanted to let you know that I fired our first full show last night using your Cobra Firing system. Thanks to Cobra, I put on my best show ever. Just wanted to send my thanks for putting out a great product. You attention to detail and willingness to listen to pyros everywhere has truly paid off. I cannot tell you how nice it is going into a show with a firing system that I can truly trust. Thanks again, you have at least one customer for life."
Chad Sloan, Indiana, USA
"I just wanted to thank you and your company again for the excellent customer service. I also wanted to let you know that the neighborhood I fired my show in liked it so much that they now want to hire me for next year's events. A completely unexpected feat that I could not achieve without your system. You guys have one damn good product. Thanks again!"
Will Webber, Maine, USA
"This was my first wireless system that I have used and all in all I was impressed by the distance that I was able to go and still have the system work."
Dean Smith, Ohio, USA
"I like everything, awesome features, easy to use."
Brett Anderson, Nebraska, USA
"Overal I believe this is the best system out there for this price point. I can't wait to pick up a couple more modules. Because of this system I had the best 4th I have ever had. I got the famous "wow your show was better than Disney land". For that I am thankful to you guys!"
Brian Dukes, Kentucky, USA
"Slick design, ease of use, 2.4GHz SpreadSpectrum is awesome! The nice lightweight size and ease of portability make this system just outstanding. The fact that you can use simple 9V batteries to run the firing modules just rocks."
Mike Sheaffer, Maryland, USA
"Quality construction! Easy to use!"
Dan Petrivelli, New York, USA
"The Cobra system is fantastic! It's the perfect size for all of my shows which are small to medium in size. I would definitely recommend this to pyrotechnicians at any skill level."
Josh Hudson, Indiana, USA
"This system was great I put on three shows last weekend without one miss fire. Hope to expand the system next year."
Dennis Olp, Indiana, USA
"Cobra's ease of use and reliability is unmatched in this price range. 5 stars for Cobra wireless firing systems."
Ed Cook, Viking Pyrotechnics, Iowa, USA
"The Cobra is an excellent wireless system, very user friendly for anyone."
Anonymous, USA
"This system blows away the competition for flexibility and value for the money. The new kid in town is who everyone else will be trying to emulate in the future."
Matt Hoffman, Hoffman Pyrotechnics, Wisconsin, USA
"Used for five 1.3g shows from July 2nd through July 4 on shows from $2.5k thru $10k. Fired fronts, finales and large shells in remote areas worked perfect. We had five modules and two remotes will purchase more equipment in the future and may retire some of our wired systems. Well done Cobra."
Dwayne Krumanacker, Krumanacker Pyrotechnics, Pennsylvania, USA
"This system puts a whole new world of artistry at your finger tips. From using the step and sequence functions to the simple things like a back lit remote and testing channels at the remote that makes this stand out from the rest. Thank you for a system like this!"
Robert Weller, Pyrotechnician, Pennsylvania, USA
"It is an advanced, comprehensive firing system that is so easy to use. It has great features and advanced firing capabilities that enhance the entire pyro show. Fantastic firing system. The value and abilities of the COBRA system are incredible!"
Geoff Cly, Pyrotechnician, Indiana, USA
"Just had to tell you how fantastic your firing system worked! The quality of every single component if far superior to any other system I've used. I was also using the (32 cue from another country) and 4 of the connectors just came apart as I was trying to plug into them... Very frustrating! Not a problem with your system. I am definitely going to order another 2 more modules for next year. Thanks again!"
Eric Gallipo, Pyrotechnician, Virginia, USA
"This system by far beats all others in electric firing. Beats the high end competition which I have been using for years. You can do more with this system for the money."
Gordon Muller, Pyrotechnician, New Jersey, USA
"The Cobra system worked fabulous. It was very easy to set up for b-cake or c- cakes. The battery power level and signal strength very helpful."
Anonymous, USA
"I could not be happier with the system. We shot over 350, almost 380 shots for the finale going from 2 1/2's to 8's. The city had never seen anything like it and loved it. "Cobra" is "THE" game changer, and I really believe it is. Thanks For Building Such An Awesome System."
Mark Marquez, Imagine Fireworks, Kansas, USA
"We used the Cobra system on Two shows in Michigan over the weekend that I was involved with directly. Flawless performance on both shows!! Not a single misfire or incident."
Fred Hopper, VP, Pyrotechnics Guild International, Arizona, USA
"Show a great success! We put up a 16' by 9' movie screen and had a video going in conjunction with the fireworks. Everything fired perfectly and we are very happy. It was nice to be able to sit in the control tent and control the fireworks without running around with a butane torch. Thanks again Scott."
Lance Sanderford, Pyrotechnician, Missouri, USA
"I have only used a wired firing system up until this point, not have to deal with bulky slats and cables was fantastic. I cannot wait until we have enough modules to do our entire show with the Cobra system."
Ralph J. Smith, Oklahoma, USA
"Have fired 4 shows now using 9 firing modules & 2 remotes with no issues. 100% success rate, with around 170 shells fired in our last show. The Cobra Firing System has worked flawlessly. Customer support & service have been excellent. I highly recommend the Cobra Firing System."
Bob Brust, Fishtail Creek Services Inc, Montana, USA
"The Cobra firing system is well built, easy to use for the amatuer shooting a back yard display to the Pro Pyro Companies shooting large displays. No one would ever have to manual fire their pyro display with an affordable system like this. Other systems can cost several thousand dollars or more."
Bob Jarrett, Indiana, USA
"Great product and a good value. Keep up the good work!"
Brad Witherell, Davey Jones Fireworks, Arizona, USA
"Very easy to use and affordable."
John Casse, Skylighter of Florida, Florida, USA
"COBRA is very well thought out and intuitive in its use. I loved the flexibility and confidence that the COBRA system offered us. This year with the COBRA system we made a quantum leap. 1 remote and 5 modules enabled us to use 3 floating platforms 550 feet off shore with a spread between each of 75 ft. We shot 80 cakes and over 600 shells in our 24 minute pyromusical and everything went better than we had ever hoped. This year "the 3 C's" made us look like pros- Courage, Cash and COBRA!"
Mark Joslyn, Minnesota, USA
"I have been shooting a $20k show for a local city for the past eight years. We have three shots that need to be operated from a stage to a field well over 1200 feet away. Year after year we have had to roll out xlr cable for the firing system but not this year!"
Jason Garbus, Global Pyro, Missouri, USA
"This is the system I have thought about building and dreamed of the past few years, flexibility, the thoughtful and simple construction, system design, Scott Smith!, your responsiveness has been just what I have wished for and far beyond what I am accustomed to receiving. This system will let us evolve our display to places previously unimaginable"
Chris Hupe, RW Milling, Kansas, USA
"Used the system for 4 shows over the July 4th weekend without a problem! Will be buying more units."
Will Brown, North Carolina, USA
"Durable and works exactly how I anticipated. Really a brilliant system, I would recommend it to anyone doing a show in which they want to be with the spectators and enjoy the art of pyrotechnics."
Randy Johnson, Nebraska, USA
"The Cobra firing system allowed me to isolate my finale from the main area of the show. Not only did this make the show safer for my crew, it gave my spectators a awesome view of the finale. Can't wait to buy more modules."
Ken Schroeder, Wisconsin, USA
"Made our community show go off with a snag. Thanks for such a great product."
Wade Zimbro, Wicomico Community Fireworks, Virginia, USA
"We shoot over 500 shows a year and used the COBRA system for all our small shows from April 2010 until close of season. We beat the hell out of these systems for indoor, outdoor, military simulations, professional sporting events including the Green Bay Packers games, and they have performed flawlessly. Our operators love the simplicity. Scott and his team offer a great product and they are always there to answer any questions and stand behind their system."
Bruce Kellerman, Bartolotta Fireworks, Wisconsin, USA
"We have used the COBRA firing system in harsh indoor environments, from Professional Hockey arena ice to PRCA Xtreme Bulls rodeo dirt with 100% reliability. The compact size, addressable modules, and ability to test from the remote has made this our #1 system for theatrical shows. I am impressed with the features built into the system which allow easy set up of fronts, simultaneous firings from multiple positions and even act as a simple sequencer for Spanish style fan racks. We will definitely be using the COBRA system in our smaller outdoor shows to enhance them with some of our "large show" effects!"
Todd Reichenbach, PYRO F/X By Reichenbach, Inc., Montana, USA
"We are extremely impressed with the COBRA systems with both ease of use and expandability. We recently used 11 modules in Toyota Stadium for the Chicago Fire MLS game. We fired an automated sequence and wall of mines accross one end of the stadium roof. It was the operator's first time using the system and it performed flawlessly. You have a winner in the COBRA system!"
Larry Lefferts, Central State Fireworks, Illinois, USA
"Used 10 modules, a couple of them set to same channel (for frontage cakes), and the system worked great. The newer sequence feature (start/stop cue) fit the script perfect and made the finale work. COBRA definetly saved setup time, and teardown time as well. We could not be happier with the COBRA system."
Terry Hansen, Midwest Fireworks, Nebraska, USA
"This system far exceeded what I desired to accomplish."
Robert W. Rackl, NY, USA
"Thank you very much for letting us use the COBRA system on Friday night of the PGI convention. It helped a great deal - we did not have to string 3,000ft. of wire and we had a reliable and easy system to use. Those 16" shells we shot were a highlight of the display. Please accept my most sincere thanks for your system."
Dan Creagan, 2nd VP, PGI, NE, USA
"We use the Cobra at our club shoots when firing bigger shells. It's a great system. Scott is a real class act!"
Mark Sowa, IL, USA
"Used the COBRA for the first time for two shows last week. All three modules worked great and exactly how you claimed. We had the system on for two hours straight and had no problems. Many thanks, we are saving up for another order.""
Fred Partin, Dragonworks, FL, USA
"The COBRA system has proven to be a cost-effective and reliable answer to our wireless firing needs. We are very satisfied with it's performance and capabilites. Above all, the customer service has been outstanding."
Zach Taminosian, Zambelli Fireworks, USA
"I'd also like to tell you that we closed Wizard of Oz last sunday; and the Cobra system worked flawlessly for all performances. That is something to be proud of; and I'm very thankful for finding this system. The system will be next used for another performance in January, when I have high confidence that it will be just as great. Your customer service is exceptional, and I'm very glad to be a owner of this system."
Brian Boyce, Stage Pyrotechnician, Florida, USA
"I found the COBRA firing systems to be easily programmed, set up, operated, and striking at the end of the show or movie. In the 39 years I've been doing pyrotechnic special effects I've yet to find a wireless system that has as many safeguards and a capability as this system has."
John Bordeaux, California, USA
"We spent much of the weekend testing the new units and I have to say that it is the most ground breaking, brilliantly designed, equipment on the market!"
Thomas J. Pitts, Thomas James Productions, Indiana, USA
"We did a shoot last Friday night at Arvest Ballpark (our local minor league team) and used the system for a short 10 minute show. The guys I used it with were extremely impressed and as we were crossing a road and had several obstacles including a major league scoreboard and the interference that goes with it. The system worked flawlessly."
Mike Jones, Riverside Fireworks, Arkansas, USA
"The Cobra firework firing system is by far the best I have ever seen and used."
Kelvin Rogers, Southern Star Fireworks, USA
"The 18R2 has changed our world! I wonder what your next innovation will be?"
Stacy Weaver, Tennessee, USA
"Both the product you have designed and your customer service are outstanding. This system is very powerful."
Chris Wehrman, Pyrotechnician, USA
"I love this system!! I could not have made a better choice picking a firing system!"
Chris Armstrong, Illinois, USA
"I started using your system at St. Louie and I have become absolutely hooked. Excellent quality, incredible reliability, by far top notch!"
J.R. Allen, Fire & Ice Pyrotechnics, Indiana, USA
"We worked on a shoot yesterday night and your 18R2 remote worked flawlessly. We had used the script making program to script it to music. We had utilized the lift time column on the program and it worked very very well. Every single peak in the music matched perfectly to the break of the shells. We used both talons and matches. Every single cue fired right at the time the script called for it and the crowd absolutely loved it. I just want to say a HUGE thanks for offering such a easy to learn, robust, safe, trustworthy,reliable full of features system. I have been waiting for something like this to come out for years now, as well as many other people i am sure, and im very happy its finally here. I've used this system on 4 shows now and it blows me away every time. My hats off to you man, and GREAT work!"
Jordan White, USA
"We shoot over 500 shows a year with the COBRA system. We beat the hell out of these systems for indoor, outdoor, military simulations, professional sporting events including the Green Bay Packers games, and they have performed flawlessly. COBRA is the most reliable system we have owned in our 36 years of operation."
Sam Bartolotta, Bartolotta Fireworks, Wisconsin, USA
"I bought a cobra firing system and igniters from you, I was blown away by the quality of the box, controller, and igniters, i will be buying another box and alot more igniters within the following months. The show went off flawlessly with 0 errors in the machine. I had hundred of compliments on how well the show went off. thank you for supplying me with such a superior product that I know will bring me alot more high quality shows."
Cory Holmberg, USA
"Been doing shows for 8 years with lighters, mini-torches, and other firing systems. They didn't hold a sparkler to the Cobra system. My show was the best I ever had and the system performed flawlessly. Used the script and it worked perfectly. It got bigger than we thought so my wife is getting me two more modules (that would be 5 total) for Christmas. Everyone was impressed BEFORE and AFTER the show. One guy remarked there was more computer technology in my setup than there was in Apollo 11. lol Just had to write and say Thank You and Great Job on a great system."
Rob Abbott, USA
"I wanted to Thank You and your crew for making an excellent product! I used the 18R2 and the Script Maker and it worked flawlessly. The Script Maker is a slick piece of software. My only request is that you allow it to run on multiple computers. It would be nice to be able to work when inspiration hits, ie when I am board at work."
Gordon Saltz, USA
"My sincere appreciation for your superb product, your excellent service, and outstanding support. Your product delivers 100%, all the time, zero defects, zero misfires. I could not be more please with my purchase. I am already looking into expanding and upgrading."
Jose Medina, USA
"Just wanted to tell you that this 4th of July was the first time I used my new Cobra firing system and it was a great success!... I have the 18R2 and 4 18M modules. The script I wrote worked flawlessly and it was the best show I've ever had! Everyone was amazed at how well the show went off and I got to just sit back and relax and watch the show myself rather than having to run around lighting anything!"
Mike Guiette Guiette, USA
"I just wanted to take a moment to say our July 4th block party was a HUGE success thanks to the Cobra! Our script ran flawlessly and the crowd really enjoyed the synchronization to music! Thanks again for making a product all of us backyard enthusiasts can use and afford!"
TJ Jean, USA
"Your / My new Cobra system made its maiden voyage in Seattle Saturday night with the NFL !! In front of 67,600 Seattle fans, the system was used for the opening player ceremony in a pre-season game between the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The remote and modules performed "spot on". The units even performed perfectly in cross field ematch testing, +/- 450 feet, in this heavily RF saturated environment."
Ken Julian, USA
"So here is what down this weekend. We performed a $15,000 pyro-musical with our Cobra 18R2 and the new Audio Box you sent. The show was for a personal friend and fellow pyro - so you know it had to be right. When show time came, we armed the system and started the script.... then watched the countdown from 10 on the controller. The music started on it's own and the show went up exactly as planned. All the mine hits and cues hit exactly as intended, in perfect sync with the music every time. I couldn't be happier with the system, and all the technicians who worked the show with me were raving about it too. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help getting here. The support you provide is top notch for sure."
Jared Deschner, USA
"Thanks for getting back to me. Want you to know we purchased your firing system and it worked perfectly. No stress as in the past years when we lit the fuses by hand. Everyone was able to enjoy the show."
Bruce Mance, USA
"Just to let you know, this past Saturday we had our family fire works display. After printing out your on line PDF instructions, also watching your you-tube video, this all made for an easy set up. We had a 100 shot display, with only 2 failures, (totally my fault). As I stood with the 18R2 in my hand, and started to fire, only using the step button, (as not sure how long each shot lasts) Its only then you realise, and appreciate that having a firing system like yours, makes you think back to the past, of all the years of stumbling about in the dark with a torch, lighting all the shots by hand, also exposing yourself to the hidden dangerous of close proximity to fire works. I know everybody has their own opinion on fireworks, but for me and the rest of my clan, buying your system was well worth it. As it makes for a 100% safe (very safe) and successful family / friends fire works display. I can only learn how to use it better, may even expand on the 18M's in the future. Now I can stand back and enjoy the show. Excellent firing system."
Colin, USA
"Scott, I just got my 18r2 back with the 3.0.2 software. I am in the service industry and I just want to say that your company has very good service, fast turn around. Thank you for caring about your customers. I see lots of times, when some of my vendors drag there feet until they are forced to help customers. Thank you."
Steve Sherwood, USA
"COBRA is the best wireless firing system on the market. In all of our shows, COBRA never missed one cue. Set up is a breeze and the system is very user friendly. COBRA also has great customer service. Scott easily answers any of our questions and always gets back to us quickly. Can't wait to try the slats we just got in. Thank you COBRA for making our job easier."
Kirk Miller Sr. and Jr., 2 Kirks Fireworks, Kansas, USA
"First off I just want to say a massive thanks, this year I became a proud owner of a Cobra 18R2 and 3 18Ms. I am based over in the UK and I did my first amateur display with the system back in November. The system performed flawlessly, and my audience of approximately 250people were equally pleased with the show. Since then I have already purchased another 18M with further plans to expand the system in the future. So thanks again for producing such a great system! Kind Regards from a very happy customer."
Neil Mackenzie, USA
"Just wanted to let you know that we used your system New Year's Eve and everything worked perfectly and better than expected J Even with temps close to freezing we had several cues with 5-6 talon clip and all went without any issue! We appreciate the quality and will be ordering at least another module, slats etc along with the cobra software before 4th."
David Klein, USA
"Just a quick hello. I wanted to say thanks for the Cobra system I got of you, it is a fantastic firing system and I am very glad I chose Cobra. I have fired at least one show every weekend for the past 6 months with 100% success rate. Easy to use, reliable and affordable! It was definatly a great investment! "
Robert Horner, USA
"Just wanted to let you know that your equipment performed flawlessly, and after only our second show, we were working with the hardware and software with ease. Our show simply blew people away and I've been getting calls and emails about it for days. I have to admit, I was pretty damned impressed myself, and the best part, of course was watching all of the events unfold the way I'd imagined them in my head. Just BAM! BAM! BAM!"
Charles Furer, USA
"Good morning Scott! First of all, I wanted to thank you for helping me get my hands on that second unit when they were still on back order. Your "above and beyond" service continues to inspire me as the kind of business owner I want to be when I grow up :-) We shot our big neighborhood show on the 26th, after we shut down our fireworks stand for the season. It was so amazing to feel like a rock star and to get all the high fives, fist bumps and even some hugs from the ladies :-) I was nervous, but the show was simply amazing. We've already scheduled next year's show and everybody is so excited to see it. I have a year to learn how to program this to music now! Then, last minute, I did another very similar show the next night (the last night we can shoot in Utah) for the families who are all in this firework stand business together. I shot off all their cakes for them and again, it went GREAT. I passed the remote around let people take turns pushing the buttons and they loved every minute of it."
Eric Farnsworth, Bountiful Black Cat, USA
"I went ahead and updated all my units, and installed the new antenna. I just fired my big 2014 show last night and the cobra performed beautifully."
Paul Gull, USA
"Hey Scott. I got to use my wonderful cobra system over the 4th weekend and again this past weekend. I cannot say enough how wonderful this system is. Out of 6 shows and over 500 cues we had 2 e matches not ignite that tested fine. That is phenomenal compared to any other system I've used. I'm looking forward to ordering more modules and seeing what else you come out with."
Jason Farrell, USA
"I hope you had a great season. My show went off without a flaw using seven modules. Cobra systems have sure made my shows better and better each year."
Mark Renyolds, USA
"I hope you had a happy 4th. Ours was fantastic and the Cobra modules and scripted remote performed flawlessly as usual. The new slats we purchased were equally as great. They are a very nice addition to the Cobra system. "
Adam Meadows, USA
"First I would like to thank you for your great product. I have less failures with you firing system than I have ever had with pyromates, fireone, and other systems. Second I would like to thank you for your customer service. I had to call you on July 2nd for a question I had about the firing system and you called me back and answered my questions in the evening before I had to shoot one of my shows. It was a pretty basic question and not very important, yet you still took the time to call me. I don't know of any other firing system that would give me that kind of customer service for the little guy who didn't buy $10,000.00 worth of product. Thank you!"
Randy Roundhouse, USA
"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I "loved" the system. I was very impressed with the ease of use & the flexibilty. We originally had theshow planned as a handfire but the Cobra was " awesome." "
Sean, J&M, USA
"I'm so excited about this system. It has every concern I've ever had with other systems addressed in this system. The scripting is a breeze. The usability is wonderful. Your customer service is unparalleled and the price of this systems is very fair and reasonable for someone like me to purchase. I can't wait for more add ons and upgrades. "
Jason Farrell, USA
"Thanks. I love the Cobra products. Absolutely top notch. My two remotes, audio box, 14 modules, and accessories are money well spent. Better than the product, is your customer support. Thanks for the quick answers. "
James Mahalek, USA
"Thanks so much for the help. Your service is second to none! "
Gary Miller, USA
"Shot our first audio sync'd scripted show last night and I don't think it could have gone better if we tried! I'll be posting video up, but that audiobox works like a hot damn. I brought a second one onto the barge for us to use, and we fed it to an amplified PA speaker we rented so the crew could hear it, and I used the headphone output to feed into my radio headset so I could hear the music and still talk clearly to our spotter in the venue. With the booster and dish, our audiobox was inside a building with the DJ equipment 2000+' away and lit right up like a champ. Amazing!"
Russ Gardiner, USA
"Thank you for the quick shipping on my receiver, remote and talon clips, I was very impressed with the product before I even put batteries in it, from packaging, to the quality and neatness of everything sent. "
Dj Dunlap, USA
"Your service and dedication to help your customers are without equal in my experience."
Tom Tegarden, USA
"Just wanted to touch base with you after WinterBlast. Thanks again for all of your help, I greatly appreciate everything you have done. I tested the Audiobox to confirm it functions with the Pyrodigital. I sent 2 minutes of time code with zero errors displayed on the pyrodigital time code check. This was using Pyrodigital FSK. Not sure how familiar you are with Pyrodigital, but from my experience, we shoot for less than 100 errors when transmitting via 2 way radio. So, ZERO errors is FANTASTIC!! Hope all is well, your system will be traveling to hawaii next week for a theatrical display"
Brandon Waites, USA
"Wanted to thank you for taking care of Aaron Iwanciw from Armor Corps. I was working with him in Las Vegas two weeks ago and ended up running his Pyro for him during the last event he had. Indicated that your system would be perfect for his needs and he evidently agreed. He held a flawless test yesterday and is very happy with the hardware and "special service" you provided that will enable him to use it during his next event in a few weeks. "
Jeff Hymer, USA
"Just want you to know how much I love your firing system! I have been shooting fireworks for a long time, and my show took an enormous leap forward last year because of the Cobra, and I expect an even bigger leap this year with the Show Creator and Audiobox. My audience was amazed at the difference it made. Thanks for the great products. I always recommend your system to anyone I know involved in pyro. "
Dave Kaehr, USA
"The combination of the 18R2 system, the audio Box and Finale Fireworks have made it possible for us to take the production of small pyromusicals down to a new most competitive price level. We even have invested in battery operated PA-kit for use when there is no easy acces to mains supply. We mostly make shows where the pyrokit is widely distributed in the terrain, with a lot illlumination of objects incorporated. Fireworks is (here) generally considered expensive, but actually the pyroware is not; it is the amount of work and hassle involved that inflate the pricetag. The combination of technology has helped us to streamline all processes and to minimize field work, at the same time pushing up artistic qualities of the show. This is a consequense we have experienced from working with Cobra (and FF) technology, and I just wanted to tell you. "
Uffe, USA
"I bought my first electronic firing system. My second year doing a show electronically first year without a license shooter present(used his cobra last year) I got everything set up ran 2 continuity checks at the modules with everything showing green. at 8:45 ran continuity from remote to modules with everything red. We called Scott and he talked us through everything. Not once did he get short or impatient with us. Because of Scotts amazing customer service our show went off with out a problem and made 400 people very happy. Thanks Scott for the awesome customer service and thanks Cobra for an amazing product."
James, Nebraska, USA
"By the way, my July 5th show was awesome this year - thanks in large part to Cobra. I love having the "power of the pros" in my back yard shows. Ha! Script ran perfect. Everything fired as scheduled. 100% ignition rate on all Talons that I got from you too."
Scott, MO, USA
"The COBRA system has allowed us to increase the performance and safety in all events. The system is highly reliable and adapts to any type of show, no matter how large or small. We will continue to use this great system and fully support the COBRA team and service."
Hector Arellano Gabriel Marquez, FIREWORKS “ARELLANO PIROTECNIA", USA


"COBRA allowed us to place 1st in the Pyrotechnics National Fair of Tultepec 2016. The system is reliable with flawless operation. It's an excellent system recommended for the largest shows."
J. Refugio Lopez Castro, Fireworks "La Herencia", Mexico
"Excellent! The system is simple and comfortable to use."
Gerardo Zagal, Fireworks "JERRY FIREWORKS", Mexico
"The COBRA system was one of the best investments we have made. It's undoubtedly the best choice in wireless firing equipment. It works as advertised and we will continue to back the COBRA team."
Rodrigo Gomez, Fireworks "PIROART & FX", Mexico
"Our company provides SPFX services for international artists in Peru. The COBRA system is synonymous with safety and quality for all of our assignments. There is no better server and satisfaction with any system. We recommend COBRA 100%."
Alex Arias, Fireworks "PIROEFFECTS", Mexico
"The COBRA system has allowed us to increase the performance and safety in all events. The system is highly reliable and adapts to any type of show, no matter how large or small. We will continue to use this great system and fully support the COBRA team and service."
Hector Arellano Gabriel Marquez, FIREWORKS "ARELLANO PIROTECNIA", Mexico
"COBRA is one of the best inventions in the fireworks industry. It's quality, innovation, and constant improvement is unmatched."
Candido Gonzales Martinez, FIREWORKS "PIROARTE", Mexico
"El Volcan Fireworks congratulates Scott and his team for the quality made and reliable COBRA system. It continues to be the reliable answer to 100% of our shows."
Jose de Jesus Macias E., FIREWORKS "EL VOLCAN", Mexico
"COBRA is a reliable, friendly, and easy to use system. It continues to meet all of our event demands. The technical support of PyroSmart in Mexico continues to impress us. We have used the COBRA system in stadiums, concerts, both domestically and within international events. We'll continue to invest in COBRA as a long part of our company strategy."
Jorge Luis Sanchez, FIREWORKS "PIROTEC", Mexico
"The COBRA system has covered the demands of both small, medium and large companies in Mexico. The system enabled perfect performances and is undoubtedly here to stay!"
Miguel Salinas, FIREWORKS "PIRO FAT", Mexico


"The Cobra system use and design fit the environment perfectly. If I know someone in need of firing system I will recommend COBRA firing system."
Nicholas Tokatl, Argentina


"The COBRA system is a step ahead of the rest in its class. It's perfect for small and medium sized performances as an easy to use, compact system. Scott and the team are highly professional and focused on customer satisfaction. After numerous performances, we're convinced the COBRA systems will have a long term place in our company."
Richard Vonit, Festiv' Stars, France

United Kingdom

"The new software worked great just done 6 shows over 2 weeks with 14 x 18m did not miss a beat"
Martin, Northeast Stage Pyrotechnics, United Kingdom
"The kit arrived yesterday, just got to tweak my script and spend a couple of hours in the field wiring up :-) I am so impressed on how easy it was to set the modules up. This is a Rolls Royce compared to the manual wired firing systems I used to use when I was doing Pyro in the U.K. Looking forward to getting my Texas 1.4g Pyro license and adding more firing modules as budget allows (Its a really tough choice between pyro and firing modules now). I looked long and hard at the firing systems out there and I am so pleased that I made the right choice, the quality and design considerations in your kit are just spot on. Looking forward to seeing the direction you go with the Android Control system which once I have a few more firing modules under my belt will be on my shopping list :-)"
Ian Hancock, United Kingdom

South Africa

"We used it last week to fire nine fashion shows over three days and it performed flawlessly. This included having to reload the pyrotechnics over thirty minutes intervals between each show (hectic stuff) and do all the checks etc. to be ready for the next show. Checking cues was very easy with the remote as we could get up and walk around with the remote at sound and lighting desks. I am happy to see from afar how your product design and development is seeing a natural evolution by virtue of your customers feedback and the exceptional service. Thankyou again for all so far, I will order more modules soon."
Simon Watson, Pan African Pyrotechnics, South Africa


"Yesterday we shot with the Cobra for the first time - it was very, very satisfying. We set two modules to the same channel, for separate positions. We were surprised and happy to view continuity for both modules separately. The COBRA system is very well thought out, we really like it."
Boris Wicke, SKYFantasy Fireworks, Germany
"I use the Cobra 18 in practice-jobs and Trainings for firefighters and paramedics. Your system works great in every Situations! It is the best System I ever had!"
Grab Christian, Germany


"Many many thanks with this great and reliable system that you've developed. It makes things lot easier and faster... and accurate! No disappointments. Bravo Bravo Bravo."
Mohd Ariffin, Malaysia


"During the New Years eve I have fired my pyro-musical show using COBRA 18M modules and the 18R2 scripted remote for the first time in my life. I have to openly admit that I have fallen in love with the devices, the way they are designed and how they co-operate with me. Handling the system is very intuitive, offers exactly the right features I needed for my peace of mind that my show is reliably prepared, connected and ready to fire by pressing a single button --> which was indeed the case with the script functionality your device is supporting. My firework was a great success thanks to not only the diligent preparation, the efforts invested in choosing the right music and products to be fired at the right moments, but also thanks to the awesome and super reliable tool (it was -15degC that night) I had at my disposal to execute it --> the COBRA 18M+R2. Thank you very much for the GREAT product you have developed and last but not least, for the detailed and easy to understand way of explaining how it works in your manuals and youtube demonstrations --> excellent job!!! I am determined to replace my other firing system with a COBRA during this year! Keep up the good work and Cheers from Slovakia!"
Viktor Vojtas, Slovakia


"Such a user friendly system. We love it."
David Peter, Thunder Effects, Bjorko, Sweden

New Zealand

"Your attention to detail and customer service is truly world class, I have recommended your system to many of my pyro buddies and remain very impressed. My new 18R2 arrived promptly and I found your instructions for reprogramming my existing system to be clear and easy to understand. I recently staged 14 indoor shows in 12 days and your system performed flawlessly. I would be more than happy to vouch for your system to anyone who may wish to have an independent opinion."
John Ivanof, Combat Pyrotechnics, New Zealand

COBRA is a US manufacturer of wireless firing systems used in over 60 countries for firework displays, SPFX and military simulations. Reliability, safety, and ease of use is the foundation of every product we design.

Club COBRA is a free-to-join program promoting support of local pyrotechnic clubs around the world by offering a 10% discount of COBRA purchases to any local club member.

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