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COBRA serves three primary industries including fireworks, SPFX, and military training / simulation.

Military Simulation
Used by backyard enthusiasts to large scale display companies such as Zambelli International, COBRA provides an easy to use and reliable system for firing small to medium sized shows. Safety and reliability exist in every aspect of the product design. In addition, bi-directional wireless communications enable the user to double check all risk factors including continuity, signal strength, and power levels directly from the hand-held remote before the show begins. Used by high profile SPFX firms such as Le Maitre and Warner Brothers, COBRA is a simple and reliable solution for customized SPFX applications. COBRA boasts rapid manual and semi-auto firing, and on-the-fly programming for quick changes while working on set with the director. In addition, you can check signal strength directly from the hand-held remote when firing from non-direct line of site, concealed locations, or within high interference environments. A safe and rugged system, COBRA is used by local municipalities and national governments for law enforcement / military training, detonation of found explosives, and other safety simulations and reenactments. COBRA employs the latest wireless security standards to ensure trusted operation. COBRA also provides world class service and support to ensure the highest level of trust and satisfaction for our clients.

COBRA is a US manufacturer of wireless firing systems used in over 60 countries for firework displays, SPFX and military simulations. Reliability, safety, and ease of use is the foundation of every product we design.

Club COBRA is a free-to-join program promoting support of local pyrotechnic clubs around the world by offering a 10% discount of COBRA purchases to any local club member.

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