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Venturing from the most well-known pyrotechnic centers, to remote enclaves where the cultural traditions of unique fireworks have lasted generations, the highly anticipated Passfire is the world’s first definitive documentary & series on fireworks.

Travel to twenty-three countries on six continents to experience the planet’s most amazing fireworks and celebrate with the people that make them. Learn why we love fireworks, and how the world is connected by their light, color, and sound. Follow the passion for fireworks as it’s passed from culture to culture, country to country, and generation to generation.

Passfire the Series: Season 1 contains six brand new episodes give you more footage, more depth, more fireworks, more Passfire!
  1. Maltese Wheels
  2. Galician Rockets
  3. Boom Boom Girls
  4. Japanese Artistry
  5. Fireworks Organizations
  6. The Maltese Fireworker
Passfire the Series continues with Season 2, bringing six new installments, plus a seventh bonus episode! See more of Malta's amazing fireworks culture, Go on a trip to Australia to see fireworks down under, visit India and its world-record salutes, and travel to Florida's Everglades for a fireworks meet you will not forget.
  1. Malta's Shell Builders
  2. Malta's International Fireworks Festival
  3. St. Andrew's Fireworks Factory
  4. Fireworks Down Under
  5. Indian Salutes
  6. India's Pooram Festivals
  7. (BONUS) The Culture of America's Fireworks Clubs

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