COBRA Show Creator - $62.99

Perfect for small shows, COBRA Show Creator is a "lite" PC-based software program for creating and editing musical and non-musical scripts for your COBRA 18R2 scripted remote. Watch the Basics of Firework Scripting YouTube video for an introduction to scripting.

After purchase, your activation code will be sent within 24 hours. This is not an automated process. If you need your code sooner than this, please reach out to us at

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With the purchase of COBRA Show Creator, you receive a single, 2-year computer license to the software including unlimited email and phone support.

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Features include:

  • Create and save unlimited shows with or without music
  • Supports fully automatic timed shows, STEP scripting, and combined timed / STEP scripting
  • Load an audio MP3 file and add events by clicking the waveform
  • Print and export your "cue sheet" including support for Avery "peel and stick" labels
  • Create personal My Fireworks and My Shows database, save to COBRA cloud for access from any licensed PC
  • Embedded YouTube video player
  • Easily define the button to start your show
  • One click creation of the cobra.csv script file
  • Create custom columns including station #, rack type, etc...
  • and many more...

Recommended Requirements:

  • Dual Core CPU 2.0GHz and Faster
  • 2GB Ram
  • Stand-Alone Video Card
  • 512mb Video Ram
  • Min 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Dot NET 3.5 or higher

COBRA Show Creator will run on lower spec’d PCs, but will auto disable features to allow program to function as intended.

Scripts Supported STEP Scripts
Timed Event Scripts
Combined STEP and Timed
Pyromusical Support Yes
Visual Simulation No Integration Yes
Fireworks Labels Yes
Sample Reports Module Report
Product Report
Cue List
Added Features My Fireworks Share
My Shows Share
Embedded YouTube Player

COBRA Show Creator - Basics of Firework Scripting

An instructional video demonstration on the basics of COBRA Show Creator scripting. Presented by Tim from Fireworks Show.

COBRA Show Creator - Step Scripting

An instructional video demonstration on combined STEP / Timed event scripting using COBRA Show Creator. This feature is a hidden, yet powerful function of the software for creating manual and timed event shows. Presented by Tim from Fireworks Show.

COBRA Show Creator: Basics of Pyromusicals

An instructional video demonstration on the basic of pyromusicals. Presented by Tim from Fireworks Show.

COBRA Audio Box: MP3 Format

A video demonstration on how to format your MP3 Audio File for the COBRA Audio Box. Presented by Tim from Fireworks Show.

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