Control Panel 2.0.2 Patch Notes

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Added a Lock button on the Manual Fire menu. When toggled, this disables the SMART Step and STEP buttons.
  • Added UI support for 9.7" devices. This resolved several issues with the display of information, primarily in the manual firing interface
  • Improved display on 5" devices.
  • Increased text size on several popups.
  • Optimized button sizes on the Show Controls as well as several popups.
  • Increased manual fire cue grid by 30%
  • Increased main header row text size.
  • Improved display on 8" devices.
  • Fixed text overlay issue on About menu.
  • Increased text size on popups.
  • Reduced button stretching on the Show Controls.
  • Fixed text cutoff on the Show Controls & Lock Button popup.
  • Increased size of "Add Channel" popups on the Manual Fire and Field Map.
  • Optimized button sizes on popups.
  • Fixed issue where module wouldn't show when filtering by "Channel" followed by filtering by "Key in the TEST position".
  • Fixed server communication issue when switching Control Panel version when using 18R2s on firmware version 4.0
  • The Audio Box will now show as “AB” on the Manual Fire module list.
  • Fixed “Reset All” button on the Manual Fire clearing cake database.