Introducing Ten Module Chargers! - Feb. 7th

Introducing Ten Module Chargers!

Feb. 7th 2018
We have been getting many requests for chargers than can charge more than five modules at once, and we are happy to finally offer a 10 Module LiPo Charger. The charge rate will remain the same with ten simultaneous modules as with five.

Test Bulbs, Module Box, and Audio Box Buttons Added! - Feb. 7th

Test Bulbs, Module Box, and Audio Box Buttons Added!

Feb. 7th 2018

We have added a few replacement items, as well as test bulbs! We included links to products added below:

  • Test Bulb - 20 Pack
  • Module Box
  • Audio Box Buttons

  • Show Checklists / System Maintenance Section Added! - Feb. 7th

    Show Checklists / System Maintenance Section Added!

    Feb. 7th 2018

    We have added a new section containing a series of checklists, maintenance and pre-show procedures:

    • Equipment Preparation Checklist
      • Make sure all equipment is properly prepared and checked before a show.
    • Pre-show Checklist
      • Ensure that all equipment functionality is verified prior to shooting your show.
    • 18R2 Scripted Dry Run Checklist
      • Perform a dry run of a scripted show.
    • Common Troubleshooting
      • Common troubleshooting issues per device.
    • Show Problem - Next Steps
      • Provides instructions on the steps to take after any type of issue on your show. Issues can be caused by the operator, equipment, environment, or other factors.
    • Equipment Annual Maintenance
      • Best practices for annual maintenance of your COBRA equipment.

    Tablet Recomendations added to Control Panel - Jan. 9th

    Tablet Recomendations added to Control Panel

    Jan. 9th 2018

    We are excited to announce that we have added a comprehensive list of tablet recommendations to our COBRA Control Panel product page. Be sure to check these out if you are in the market for a tablet and want some direction in choosing a device. For any other specific questions on tablets, please be sure to reach out to us at

    Control Panel 2.0.4 BETA Update - Dec. 28th

    Control Panel 2.0.4 BETA Update!

    Dec. 28th 2017

    The COBRA 2.0.4 BETA release is a minor patch release for the COBRA firmware version 5.0.0 and 5.0.2.

    • Added support for the Samsung View 18.4"
    • Fixed incorrect address display issue for 36M
    • Fixed crash report when loading on specific devices

    Drawings have been added to all DB25 Cables - Dec. 14th

    Drawings have been added to all DB25 Cables

    Dec. 14th 2017
    In an effort to help customers better understand our cables and their genders, we have recently adding clarifying drawings to all slat cables. You can view these on our DB25 Cables page.

    Introducing a New Talon Size: 6M (18ft) - Dec. 12th

    Introducing a New Talon Size: 6M (19.5 ft)

    Dec. 12th 2017
    We are excited to announce that we now offer a 6M Talon Igniter Clip . We heard your feedback and decided to have this COBRA exclusive length produced. Other than the extra meter of length, this size is identical to other talons we offer, and will function exactly the same.

    COBRA Baseball Hat Now Available - Nov. 27th

    COBRA Baseball Hat Now Available!

    Nov. 27th 2017

    This is Betty, our office model. Betty looks fly in her COBRA hat. Be like Betty.

    We are thrilled to announce that the COBRA Baseball Hat is now available for purchase! Boasting an adjustable velcro strap, pre-frayed brim, as well as a fabric back, this hat will be the envy of the shoot site.

    Get yours today!

    18M Airburst Cue Strip Now Available - Oct. 31st

    18M Airburst Cue Strip Now Available!

    Oct. 31st 2017

    We are excited to announce that we have just released our RJ11 Airburst Cue Strip!

    This cue strip is designed to allow your module to fire Airbursts. Airbursts typically come as a set of three effects, pre-wired into an RJ11 harness. Each kit includes one cue strip with two separate RJ11 female connectors.

    You can install one or more cue strips per module. If you are using a Slat Connector, you will only be able to install these cue strips in the first and second bays. Installation is simple, only a screwdriver is required.

    New Decals - Oct. 18th

    New Decals!

    October 18th 2017

    We have been hard at work in the COBRA Art Lab creating a second series of our decals we know you have all come to love. You can find them along with COBRA apparel on our Stickers / COBRA Swag page.

    The 36M has Landed - Oct. 10th

    The 36M has Landed!

    October 10th 2017

    We have officially released the 36M firing module for sale and immediate shipment!

    One of the benefits of the 36M is it's ability to use varying Pro-Adapt plates to support different connection methods. We will be offering a number of options in the coming months. For our initial rollout, we are focusing on the large armored case with on board speaker terminals, and a version that supports 2 x 18S slats or a single 36 cue slat. We plan to release this 36 cue slat soon. Other options will include a side exit SE-300 case, quick plug support, mini 6 cue slats including CAT-5 cable support, and more. Any 36M can use a different Pro-Adapt plate by simply removing the plate and plugging in another.

    The 36M comes with a standard LiPo, external power and still supports 9V batteries in a pinch. In addition, we have added an LCD screen for displaying channel, address, battery levels, signal and more without having to rely on a boot up process.

    We will be offering $50 off for the next week for each type of module with limited availability.

    36M with 18S Slats - $549 USD
    36M with Onboard Cues and Slat Support - $599 USD

    Please note that the 5.0.2 firmware is required for operation. If you have any questions, please call at 518-222-7410 or email We plan to release a 72M option in the coming months as we are finalizing some of the adapter plate productions.

    Western Winer Blast 2018! - Feb. 2nd

    Western Winter Blast 2018!

    Feb. 2nd 2018

    During the weekend of February 16th, Joel will be shipping himself out to sunny Lake Havasu City in Arizona to attend the annual Western Winter Blast convention. He will arrive on Friday night to offer shoot site assistance and will spend Saturday and Sunday offering support and giving product demos at the trade show, and will again be on site during the evening to offer show support. Be sure to swing by the trade show booth if you are attending and say hello to COBRA's golden boy!

    Western Winter Blast is an annual event held by the Western Pyrotechnic Association. Many consider it the PGI of the west, as every year, the convention includes seminars, trade shows, class C and pyrotechnic supply vending, open shooting for both class C & class B, as well as BBQ's afterglow parties and of course, several nights of professional pyromusicals and displays. This year, Spirit of 76 and NPA will be shooting shows using COBRA.

    We will update this post after Joel returns with more details.

    Upcoming Events for 2018 - Jan. 9th

    Upcoming Events for 2018

    Jan. 9th 2018

    With a new year comes new pyrotechnic events and trade shows. When we are able to attend, we like to use these events and shows as an opportunity to both offer assistance to customers, as well as spend time with them and learn more about how we can continue to expand in the direction customers want. We have put together a list of the events we plan on attending this year. As we add or remove events, we will continue to update this, so be sure to check for COBRA's attendance if you want to use these as an opportunity to have your equipment checked out or repaired, ask some questions, or just meet some of the crew!

    Upcoming Events

    Western Winter Blast (WBB) February 15th - February 18th 2018 Lake Havasu City, AZ
    Mid-Atlantic Firework Festival (MAFF) April 21st 2018 Charlotte Hall, MD
    Kellner's Demo Night April 27th - April 28th 2018 Wesley, PA
    Spirit of 76 Demo May 18th - May 19th Easton, PA
    Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention (PGI) August 4th - August 10th Mason City, IA
    National Fireworks Association Expo (NFA) September 10th - 14th Wichita, KS
    Pyromania October 2018 Wright City, MO

    International Pyromusical Design and Choreography Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Nov. 29th

    International Pyromusical Design and Choreography Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Nov. 29th 2017

    Safety is a fundamental factor in the handling of pyrotechnics, its correct use guarantees the care and protection of lives, but overall, the performance of professional level shows requires constant learning and training by professionals. The 3rd International Course of Design and Choreography of Pyromusicals is an event aimed at educating professional pyrotechnicians throughout Latin America.

    The event was based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 15th and 16th 2017. Ernesto Norman of PyroSmart Mexico, Jorge Márquez of Lux Pirotecnia and Jorge Díaz de Dinamite, hosted workshops on safety and use of COBRA equipment and J-TEK electric match.

    The high-quality technology for the development of pyrotechnic events combined perfectly with the support of Finale Fireworks, a professional program for the creation of the best shows.

    Pyromania 2017 - Oct. 18th

    Pyromania 2017, Wright City, MO

    October 18th 2017

    Last week, we packed Joel Robinson into a large wheeled travel case and shipped him back home to the Midwest to attend Pyromania 2017 in Wright City, MO.

    Joel arrived on Friday afternoon and spent all day Saturday at the shoot site assisting anyone who was shooting with COBRA. Joel provided support for nine 18R2s, six audioboxes and nearly 250 modules spread out across 8 different displays.

    We are incredibly proud to say that between Joel's assistance, and our clients knowledge and preparation, that all shows fired flawlessly. We wanted to share some background on these shows, as well as some amazing videos courtesy of Firecat8:

    Shooter Club 18R2 Audio Box Control Panel Modules
    National Anthem Zane Northrip MoPyro 1 1 Yes 13
    21 Gun Salute Zane Northrip MoPyro 1 1 Yes 7
    Kevin's 12" Memorial Shell     1     3
    Pro Am Entry #2 Brent Folley   2 1 Yes 27
    Pro Am Entry #3 Jeff Taylor MoPyro 1 1 Yes 29
    Mass Launch - Red     1      
    Time Transcended Brandon Schmidt KCAP 1 1 Yes 76
    Zane Northrip Large Pyromusical MoPyro 2 1 Yes 77

    Nine modules (two hidden) wired up to 3" and 4" shells.

    MoPyro position for the ProAM competition.

    MoPyro ProAM shooter wondering why Joel is taking his picture.

    Shooter's table covered with COBRA 18R2s and Audio Boxes.

    Audio Boxes in queue waiting their turn for the sound system.

    American Pyrotechnics Association Conference (APA) 2017 - Oct. 5th

    Come see Scott at APA!

    Nov. 11th 2017

    What a week for our fearless leader Scott Smith, he spent the week in sunny, beautiful San Diego at the yearly APA convention. He wanted to share some thoughts on this week:

    "It was great to have great discussions with some existing and new customers. Great to see J&M Displays, Fireworks America, R.J. Santore, and many others! Nothing better than to talk to customers, gain feedback and discuss all of our new developments. First time at APA and will be coming back!"

    Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) 2017 Convention - Sept. 15th

    Pyrotechnics Guild International 2017, Fargo, ND

    Sept. 15th 2017

    From left to right, Ryan, Brandon, Mike, Jonah, and Joel

    COBRA was proud to be a part of the PGI 2017 event in Fargo, ND. The brand new 5.0.2 firmware release was used exclusively, leveraging the new MESH technology to combat a difficult shoot site that contained both buildings and natural barriers. Highlights of the event included our eight trade show table booth, where we showed off some of our newer in development technologies, including higher and lower cue count modules, SMTPE time code input, single point command center control interface, and more...

    In addition to showing off new technology, we provided field support for any show that was fired using COBRA, which was many of the larger public displays including:

      Shooter Club 18R2 Audio Box Control Panel Modules
    Firestone Miranda Pagoada Spirit of '76 1 1 Yes 69
    Dance the Night Away Dan Haines Spirit of '76  1 1 Yes 81
    Vortex Fireworks Chuck Johnson Vortex Fireworks 1 1 Yes 82
    Northern Lighters Pyrotechnics Ron Reitan Northern Lighters Pyrotechnics 3 1 Yes 159

    COBRA was also used to fire a number of choreographed Class C pyromusicals:

    Scott had the pleasure of hosting a free, fully booked, instructional demonstration to COBRA

    Scott and Jonah reprogramming modules next to Spirit of '76's product

    Hand lit, chain fired portion of JPA show, which was also shot using COBRA

    One of the infield posistions from Vortex's show contaning 11 COBRA modules

    For the 5th year in a row, COBRA was also used to fire all evening competitions. This year, the team was able to take advantage of our new MESH technology to support a more difficult shoot site containing varying distances and barriers between competition entries. Thanks to all of the support of Rick Olivieri, Tom Dimock and the rest of the PGI team!

    National Fireworks Association (NFA) 2017 Expo - Sept. 12th

    COBRA Roadtrip to NFA!

    Sept. 12th 2017

    It was an exciting weekend for Joel and Jonah, as they were whisked away in a magical Buick to beautiful Erie PA to the yearly NFA convention! There, they talked to customers, repaired equipment, updated firmware, and provided show support for two shows, an 80's themed show put on by the stellar crew at OPAG and NEOPAG, as well as a unique fully scripted product demo put on by Spirit of '76.

    I asked Jonah to share his thoughts on the experience:

    "It was a great convention; the Bayfront Convention Center, located in beautiful Erie, PA, proved to be a most-accommodating venue for this year's NFA Expo. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet face-to-face with both existing and potential customers, as well as other members of the pyrotechnic industry. With a full table of Cobra gear on display at the Trade Show, we were able to provide full product demonstrations, answer questions, and gather feedback, which is vital to our company and our development of new products and features. We were also able to provide on-site technical support for the Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild's public display at the Lake Erie Speedway, which used a total of 90 channels. On the whole, it was a great experience, and we look forward to attending next year's convention!"

    El Volcan at the International Fair of Pyrotechnics! - Nov. 6th 2017

    El Volcan at the International Fair of Pyrotechnics!

    Nov. 2nd 2017

    The National Pyrotechnic Festival, which takes place in  Tultepec, Mexico, is an annual event to promote the country's tradition of production and use of fireworks.  The main event, a parade of "toritos" or bull-shaped frames with fireworks on them, began in the mid 19th century. The modern national festival began in 1989 and includes various events including fireworks competitions, but the main event remains that of the toritos, with about 250 "running" along the streets of Tultepec in 2013. The National Pyrotechnic Festival lasts for seven days and attracts more than 100,000 visitors to the area.

    There are three main events along with amusement rides, concerts, dancing, and regional food. These events are split between the town center of Tultepec and the fairgrounds in the San Antonio Xahuento neighborhood

    The first of the main events is a contest of "castillos". Castillos are frames made of wood, reed and paper to which various fireworks are affixed. These fireworks are set off to make images and/or parts of the castillo structure move. The castillos created for this event measure between twenty five and thirty meters, requiring about fifteen days to build. When set off, they take between twenty and thirty minutes to go through all of their features

    The second, oldest and most important event is the "pamplonada." Named after the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, these "little bulls" or "toritos" are also fireworks frames. These frames are made of wood, reed, and paper mache. They can measure anywhere from 20 inches to over 10 feet in height. The larger toritos are made by groups of thirty to forty people because of the cost and can have as many as 4,000 fireworks on them The toritos are giving names such as El Chico, Sagitario Toro Maya and Monster. In the 2013 event, over 250 of these toritos were registered to participate. The toritos are paraded on March 8, in honor of John of God, the patron saint of fireworks makers. The toritos proceeds over the various streets of Tultepec, setting off their fireworks for five to six hours until they arrive to the main plaza of the town.

    The last of the major event is also a contest. This contest involves performances that combine fireworks and music. El Volcan, competes in this competition every year, and has won several times.

    Selstar Wins First Place at British Fireworks Championship! - Nov. 1st 2017

    Selstar Wins First Place at British Fireworks Championship!

    Nov. 2nd 2017

    The British Firework Championships is an annual competition held since 1997 in Plymouth, England, every August, where judges review fireworks displays from professional fireworks companies and select the best examples.The competition rules place restrictions on budget, duration and amount of product that can be used for each display. It is watched by more than 200,000 people.

    This year, for the second time, the winner was Selstar Fireworks with a phenomenal show. Congrats Selstar!

      Shooter Compay 18R2 Control Panel Modules
    British Fireworks Championship Winner Iain Keightley Selstar Fireworks 2 Yes 71

    Spirit of '76 in the Sky at PGI - Nov. 1st 2017

    Spirit of '76 in the Sky at PGI!

    Nov. 1st 2017

    Founded in 1987 by John Bechtold, Spirit of ’76 fireworks is one of the premier fireworks wholesalers in the United States. With two warehouses located in Missouri and Pennsylvania, they ship effects as small as sparkers, and as large as 500 gram cakes, to all 48 contiguous states.

    Not only does Spirit excel at pyrotechnic distribution, they also have an incredibly talented team of shooters that put on amazing shows. We were lucky enough to be at PGI this year to not only offer on-site assistance, but also sit back and enjoy the flawlessy fired show!

      Shooter Display Company 18R2 Audio Box Control Panel Modules
    Dance the Night Away Dan Haines Spirit of '76 1 1 Yes 81
    Firestone Miranda Pagoada Spirit of '76 1 1 Yes 69

    MoPyro Wins First Place at Pyromania 2017 - Oct. 14th 2017

    MoPyro Wins First Place at Pyromania 2017!

    Oct. 14th 2017

    Pyromania is the biggest fireworks display in the Midwest. Occurring every fall, the display, or series of displays, sometimes as many as 10, take place over a 2 hour period. This is one of the few large pyrotechnic competitions in the US that allows professional effects, shells up to 12”, and gasoline fireballs. Attendance is usually over 5,000.

    This winner of the 2017 Pro Am Competition was Jeff Taylor and his crew from MoPyro. Jeff and his crew wired up 493 cues over 20 modules, and the show fired flawlessly. Congrats Jeff!

      Shooter Club 18R2 Audio Box Control Panel Modules
    Pro Am Entry #3 Jeff Taylor MoPyro 1 1 Yes 29

    Sirotechnics Wins First Place at British Musical Fireworks Championship - Sept. 30th 2017

    Sirotechnics Wins First Place at British Musical Fireworks Championship!

    Sept. 30th 2017

    Set in the beautiful Victoria Park, the British Musical Fireworks Championship is a firework competition spread across three nights, in which seven competitors battle it out to be crowned the ultimate winner.

    Over three nights, they had seven competitors each firing a 16 -18 minute display.  A panel of professional judges, who collectively have designed shows for high profile stars such as; Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Queen, will judge each display before announcing the winner on the final evening.

    This year, seven previous winners went head to head to be crowned the ultimate 'Champion of Champions'. Sirotechnics Fireworks took the ultimate crown with their stunning display and creative lancework, including a zombie during a Michael Jackson song. Congrats Sirotechnics!

      Shooter Display Company 18R2 Audio Box Control Panel Modules SMPTE
    Champions of Champions Simon Harding Sirotechnics 1 1 Yes 90 Yes