Connection Options

COBRA offers 18, 36, and 72 cue count modules with varying connector options including onboard terminals and slats, explained below.

Onboard Terminals

The most affordable, and easiest method for connecting Talon Igniter Clips and MJG Initiators to your firing module. New to e-firing, this is the way to go!


Slats are a stand-alone circuit board for connecting your igniters or e-match. You then connect the slats to the module using cables. When connecting multiple slats together, they will fire at the same time as the module.

18M, 36M, & 72M Modules

Typically, customers purchase onboard cues, unless slats are a requirement. Onboard cues offer the convenience of being able to place your module right into the field and wire directly to it.

Smaller cue count modules are best used when there is a need to distribute your modules out, while larger cue counts are better suited for positions that have many cues close together.

Depending on the connection option and amount of cues per module, the price per cue will vary.

Please find the following matrix to better understand module and pricing options.