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The COBRA Control Panel is a downloadable Android app that provides a comprehensive, digital user interface to the 18R2. The Control Panel is a platform for growth that will expand and improve with new features alongside our core product expansion. Included in the license fees are upgrades to new features as they become available.

The COBRA Control Panel is available on Google Play. In order to use the Control Panel, you must be running COBRA firmware version 4.0.0 or higher and have a USB OTG Cable for connection to the 18R2.

Please note, this product does not come bundled with a tablet, your purchase will include only a lifetime license for our downloadable Android application, along with any other additional accessories you select.

After purchase, your activation code will be sent within 24 hours. This is not an automated process. If you need your code sooner than this, please reach out to us at

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Device List (Free!)

A complete list of all connected devices including the 18M Firing Module and COBRA Audio Box. For all devices, the applicable channel, address, key position, mode, signal strength, battery life, voltage mode and detailed continuity including event descriptions are displayed. The device list also finds any device exceptions such as low signal, low battery, or missing continuity and displays them to the user. This saves the time of having to find issues by toggling back and forth between channels on the 18R2. Filtering, color coding, and sorting make the device list fun and easy to use.

  • Rapid Module Identification - Filter and sort your modules to find specific modules quickly
  • Missing Modules - Modules that are in your script but missing are identified
  • Field Map Positioning - See the field position of your modules in the device list
  • Graphing - See real time signal and battery graphs for your modules
  • Mode Changing - View and Change the voltage and firing modes for your modules remotely
  • Exceptions - Any equipment issues are highlighted and will include instructions on how to fix them
  • Module Continuity Grid - View script continuity for all modules
  • Continuity Report - Quickly generate a real time report showing any continuity issues

Show Controls (Pro)

A detailed view into your show as it's firing! Simply select your script, view event details, and press Play when ready to begin your show. As events are fired, the event list auto-scrolls and tells you exactly what will fire next. You can even disable auto scrolling and view past or future events while your show is playing. Pause, resume and even "Jump to" a specific event mid-show.

  • Show clock - See how long your show has been running in real time
  • Lock Buttons - Lock any or all buttons on screen for added safety
  • Script Attribute - A script attributes button is available for viewing detailed script information
  • Step and Alternate Buttons - Use the step and alternate buttons right from the Control Panel
  • Large Buttons - Large buttons are positioned under the event list, allowing the operator easy access
  • Jump To - Jump to any point in your script using on screen controls

Field Map (Pro)

Using Google Earth Satellite Imagery, you can easily capture an image of the shoot site to use offline as the background for your field map. Easily create new positions, drag and drop modules onto the field, and click on modules to gain detailed information including signal, battery life, and continuity data. Any modules or positions with possible issues are highlighted in red for the user to quickly fix the issues. This allows you to quickly troubleshoot any possible issues by working interactively with your operators.

  • Drag and Drop - Simply drag and drop modules onto the field map
  • Positions - Group modules into position to allow an uncluttered map
  • Module Details - Tap on a module to view detailed information
  • Map Download - Save and load frequently used shoot sites on your tablet

Manual Firing (Pro)

A detailed view into your show as it's firing! Simply select your script, view event details, and press Play when ready to begin your show. As events are fired, the event list auto-scrolls and tells you exactly what will fire next. You can even disable auto scrolling and view past or future events while your show is playing. Pause, resume and even "Jump to" a specific event mid-show.

  • Quick Module Access - Allows for quick switching of modules
  • Module Labels - Optionally Label any module for easier identification
  • Caliber and Cake Manager - Create and manage a personal database of effects
  • Assign Cue Calibers / Cakes - Add labels to quickly identify cues
  • Script Feed - Any running script will display a live feed on the manual firing page
  • Assign Cue Calibers / Cakes - Displays what cues have been fired, in what order, and at what time

I already own an Android device, will it work with the Control Panel?

Very likely! To help determine if your device is compatible, we have provided a DEMO mode for the control panel. This allows you to try the features using demo information before you buy. To learn how to install the Android device, please see our installation instructions tab.

Can some Android devices be supported, but have limitations on function and performance?

Yes. These can range from slightly sluggish performance, poor resolution UI, and the inability to load and fire large event (1,000+ event) shows. The best way to mitigate any risk is to reference our compatibility tab and testing your device using DEMO mode.

What Android devices are supported?

The Android operating system has a wide variety of devices ranging in both size and performance. Smaller devices such as smartphones will work with the control panel, but may not offer the best navigation of certain features. Tablets, especially 10"+ in size, will offer the optimal size for navigating features and maximizing the amount of information to the user.

To help our customers best select an Android device, we have provided some guidelines to highlight supported models and known limitations. The only core requirement is USB OTG (on-the-go) support, and at least 1GB of RAM to fire larger scripts (typically > 1,000 events). Higher performance devices with faster processors and higher resolution offer a richer and faster user experience. We have found that typically, brand name devices such as Samsung, Lenovo, LG, or Asus will provide the smoothest experience. If you have any questions about a specific tablet's compatibility, please send us an email at, we will be happy to research this for you.

Please find a list below of COBRA's recommended tablet choices in a few different categories:

Budget 8” - Lenovo Tab 4 8", - $130 - $150

Budget 8"

Lenovo Tab 4 8"

Screen Size 8”
Processor Qualcomm 1.4 GHz
Battery 4850 mAh
Resolution 1280 x 800
Storage 16GB + MicroSD Slot
Price $130 - $150

The Lenova Tab 4 8" is COBRA's recommended choice for a budget 8" tablet.

Midrange 8" - Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 - $160 - $180

Midrange 10"

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3

Screen Size 8”
Processor Qualcomm 1.3 GHz
Battery 6200 mAh
Resolution 800 x 1200
Storage 16GB + MicroSD Slot
Price $150 - $180

The Lenova Yoga Tab 3 8" is a fantastic choice for a budget 8" tablet. The built in stand allows this tablet to support itself, and stay upright during use. The battery life is also slightly above average for tablets this size, in this price range.

Midrange 10" - Lenovo Tab 4, 10.1" - $150 - $180

Midrange 10"

Lenovo Tab 4 10"

Screen Size 10”
Processor Qualcomm 1.4 GHz
Battery 7000 mAh
Resolution 1280 x 800
Storage 32GB + MicroSD Slot
Price $150 - $180

The Lenova Tab 4 10" is COBRA's recommended choice for a midrange tablet. Utilizing a snappier processor than budget choices, this tablet with provide better performance as well as excellent battery efficiency for a tablet this size.

For your convenience, we have also compiled a listing of additional compatible tablets that will work with the Control Panel.

Please note, to use the COBRA Control panel, you will need the below:

To install the COBRA Control Panel, please follow the steps below:

  1. Be sure any equipment you plan to use with the Control Panel has been updated to firmware version 4.0.0 or above. You can find more information about software versions on our Firmware Features and Improvements page.
  2. Using the device you wish to use the Control Panel on, navigate to the Google Play Store listing for the COBRA Control Panel, and tap Install.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install the application.
  4. Open the app by tapping on "Cobra"
  5. To activate the PRO version, enter your activation code and follow the prompts on the screen.

Can COBRA help test our Android device?

You bet! If your unsure if your device will work, we are happy to ship your device to and from our headquarters to perform a comprehensive test. Alternatively, unless your planning to fire large 1,000+ event scripts, the DEMO mode will allow you to trial the functionality using test data to feel comfortable everything is working well before purchasing.

What is a USB to Micro USB OTG Cable?

The USB to Micro USB OTG Cable allows the 18R2 to act as both a device or a host. Without this cable, the 18R2 won't connect to the control panel. You can purchase this cable directly from COBRA when purchasing the control panel license key, or buy online from a different source. We recommend you purchase the cable from COBRA because some cables have weaker connectors that wear over time. While any connector will wear, we have selected higher quality connectors with taller connection pins to provide a tighter hold to your Android device.

Do you plan on offering armored control panel cases to fit my device?

Yes! We are planning a variety of armored cases options for field use of your Android panel. Some of these options will include housing the 18R2 with the control panel and other accessories such as signal boosters. These larger panels will mimic the size of traditional firing panels in the industy with flexibility of keeping the 18R2 portable if required.

Do you plan to support Apple iOS or Windows?

Unfortunately not. You may see this in the future, but we are currently highly focused on the Android platform. One of the largest benefits of the Android operating system is the variety of hardware options and associated cost. As these options evolve, we will evolve alongside to maximize performance and flexibility.

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