Armored Case for 18M - $94.99

Unfortunately, the Orange Armored Case is currently Out of Stock to begin shipping again on May 29th. We will ship any orders with this item on it on this day.
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The ultimate in protection, the armored case is a crush-proof custom designed case customized specifically for the COBRA 18M Firing Module including:

· Top-mounted brass SMA antenna connector
· Hard PCB material face-plate w/ captive panel screws
· Internal Polyplank scratch-free hard-foam
· Side-insert wire slots for snap-closed operation
· Snap-in antenna mount

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18M Protective Options - Quick View

A quick demonstration of our 18M protective options.

18M Protective Options - Detailed Demonstration

A demonstration of the COBRA protective accessories including the SE-300 customized equipment case and the fire-retardant silicone protective boot with 12 mounting tabs.

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