Compact and simple to use

Ease of use is critical for any firing system. A system that is difficult to use can cause costly operator error, may alienate non-technical employees from using the system, and may create on-site safety concerns. COBRA, while a powerful system, operates under the design philosophy of not placing advanced functionality in the way of simple functions. For basic manual firing, our systems are intuitive enough for most operators to learn the system without being trained. Simply power on the unit, check continuity, arm and begin firing. For any questions, COBRA offers the best service in the industry with email, phone and 24/7 emergency support.

The system is so easy to use. All of my operators really love the COBRA systems. Thank you for producing such a great firing system at a very cost effective price!

Mike Newman, Xplosiv Art, Australia

Simple manual, semi- and fully automated scripting controls

The COBRA system supports a variety of powerful, yet simple firing functions including:

It has every concern I've ever had with other systems addressed in this system. The scripting is a breeze. The usability is wonderful.

Jason Farrell, Pyrotechnico, Pennsylvania

Compact with flexible mounting, wiring, and power options

The COBRA modules boast a modular, flexible design for mounting, wiring, and power options.

The compact size, addressable modules, and ability to test from the remote has made this our #1 system for theatrical shows.

Todd Reichenbach, PYRO F/X, Montana

Proven operation in RF rich environments

COBRA has proven reliability in RF rich environments in the most complex environments including professional sporting events with 50,000+ people, major concerts (Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, etc…), Hollywood film sets, theme parks, and more… We achieve this with high levels of security and the ability for operators to measure the signal quality directly from the hand-held controller. Using our Control Panel, you can view a time lapse of signal quality for a defined period of time. This is a valuable tool for learning about potential rare issues in new environments.

Our Cobra system made its maiden voyage in Seattle Saturday night with the NFL in front of 67,600 Seattle fans. The remote and modules performed spot on. The units even performed perfectly in cross field ematch testing in this heavily RF saturated environment.

Ken Julian, Entertainment Fireworks, Washington

Future 2-wire and mini-module designs

Since 2009, COBRA has released over 20 new products and 5 major firmware releases. We are constantly improving our universal designs, keeping functionality backwards compatible, and listening to our customers. To keep up with customer requirements, we are actively working on the support for traditional 2-wire communications between the hand-held controllers and firing modules in addition to compact mini-module designs to serve the SPFX industry. Keep tuned or contact us directly for more information on timing and to help provide feedback to mold our systems as the best in the industry.

Most important thing is you are not locked in by a system, it keeps expanding, expanding, expanding. Your in a system that is not going to die.

Frank Broughton, New York

World class support including 24/7 emergency phone support

With over 12,000 customers in over 100 countries, we are known around the world for our exceptional customer service, whether through email, phone, or our 24/7 emergency support from Scott Smith at 518-222-7410. Our main goal is to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly and to treat our customers with the highest level of respect no matter what level or what question is being asked. Your success with our product dictates whether you’ll recommend our system to others. We believe our customers are our biggest asset and we’ll achieve success through your success. Welcome to the COBRA family.

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Your customer service is unparalleled

Jason Ferrell, Pyrotechnico, Pennsylvania

Above all, the customer service has been outstanding.

Zach Taminosian, Zambelli Fireworks, USA

Scott and the team are highly professional and focused on customer satisfaction.

Richard Vonit, Festiv' Stars, France

Five year warranty / free shipping repairs

COBRA stands behind their product, period. We offer a standard 5 year warranty and always commit to resolving an issue for the customer. If there is ever any gray area on whether the unit was damaged by the customer, we always side with the customer. We also make the repair process simple by sending you a pre-paid shipping label, RMA form already filled out, and can even schedule pickup of goods. We always work with you to make sure you are satisifed with our product and it’s performing as advertised.

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Your attention to detail and customer service is truly world class.

John Ivanof, Combat Pyrotechnics, New Zealand