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The COBRA Booster is a signal amplifier for improving overall signal strength.

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The booster connects between the 18R or 18R2 and the antenna, and provides a +12 dBm gain. This translates to an additional 400 - 800 ft. (150 to 250m). Although your range is increased, the booster is also helpful for close range situations where you don't have direct line-of-sight, or you don't wish to raise your modules or antennas.

For any questions about signal strength or how to solve a difficult signal situation, please contact Scott Smith at 518-222-7410 or ssmith@cobrafiringsystems.com. We are happy to create a solution for even the most challenging signal situations.

Physical Construction
Weight 3.3 oz (94g)
Dimensions 3.4" x 2" x 7" (8.6cm x 5.1cm x 18cm)
Connector to Remote SMA Male
Connector to Antenna SMA Female
Material Cast aluminum
LED Light Power status LED and activity status LED
Operating Temperature -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C)
Operating Humidity Up to 75% relative humidity
Output Power 2500mW (34dBm)
Input Power 0 ~ 20dBm
Power Adapter 12V/2A DC, 100~240V
Operating Range 2400~2500MHz
Channel Width 20Mhz & 40Mhz
Supported Standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operation Modes Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duplex
Transmit Gain 14 – 17dB
Receiver Gain  ≤12dB
Noise Figure ≤3.5dB typical
Frequency response ±1dB over operating range

Booster Setup Guide

A guide to proper setup of the COBRA Booster.

COBRA - Link Quality and Signal Accessories

An instructional video demonstration on the COBRA signal strength accessories.

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