Control Panel 2.0.3 Patch Notes

New Features

  • The displayed channel on the 18R2 will become bold on the Field Map for quicker device identification. If the device is inside of a position, the position will become bold.
  • Added a popup in the header row to show more details for specific device counts.
  • Added support for larger cue count modules. Throughout the Control Panel, each Bank will show as a separate set of 18 cues. For Example, “36M Bank A” and “36M Bank B”. Each Bank from the same device will display the same Address.

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed phantom modules issue on Manual Fire where modules were not able to be deleted. There were three separate use cases causing this issue. All three have been resolved.
  • The Audio Box now correctly displays as “AB” when dragged onto the Field Map.
  • Fixed crash when manually clearing a script while the 18R2 is connected to the Control Panel.
  • Fixed crash on 5” devices when creating show in Manual Fire offline mode.
  • Fixed crash when using the Home button on a device and then re-opening the Control Panel.
  • Fixed crash that occasionally occurred when closing the Audio Box signal graph.