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Use this 3M (9.75 ft.) extension cable to raise or re-position your antenna for better line-of-sight. You simply connect the extension cable to your 18R, 18R2, or 18M, and connect the antenna to the other end of the cable. Use a zip tie to mount the antenna to a wooden dowel or any other surface. Extension cables are commonly used to raise the height of the antenna when shooting from further distances or where you have small increases and decreases in elevation between the shooter and the firing modules.

Also note that any extension cable will decrease the signal strength slightly, however the improvement from better line-of-sight will commonly outweigh the loss. A 3M (9.75 ft.) extension will have a -6 dBm loss when using the COBRA signal strength test. As a general rule of thumb, if a module is 200M (600 ft.) away on the ground level, you will see a minimum 5-10 dBm improvement by raising the antenna 1M (3 ft.) off the ground.

COBRA - Link Quality and Signal Accessories

An instructional video demonstration on the COBRA signal strength accessories.