Passfire The Series: Season Two DVD - $31.99

In 2016 Veverka Bros. Productions brought you Passfire, a documentary about fireworks culture across the globe that told the story of the world's most amazing fireworks, the people who make them and the cultures behind them in 23 countries on six continents.

You want even more? You got it! Passfire the Series is back with Season 2, bringing you six new installments, plus a seventh bonus episode! Season 2 brings you more of Malta's amazing fireworks culture, takes you on a trip to Australia to see fireworks down under, visits India and its world-record salutes, and travels to Florida's Everglades for a fireworks meet you will not forget. Season 2 continues the Passfire journey with more of what you want!

Includes the following episodes:

  1. Malta's Shell Builders
  2. Malta's International Fireworks Festival
  3. St. Andrew's Fireworks Factory
  4. Fireworks Down Under
  5. Indian Salutes
  6. India's Pooram Festivals
  7. (BONUS) The Culture of America's Fireworks Clubs


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