18R2 Pro Remote

The 18R2 boasts several advanced features including rapid manual fire, firing memory (displays which cues have fired and which are still live), comprehensive scripting including both STEP and timed-event scripting, and integration into our popular Audio Box and Control Panel products.

Quick specs

# of Channels 100
Max # of Unique Cues 1,800
Manual Firing Speed Unlimited
Power 3 x AA, 7+ hours active operation

FCC CE, IC certified

2.40GHz Spread Spectrum

IEEE Mac Address / Encrypted Data +5dBm 8.5" Rubber Duck Antenna


500m+ Line of Site

1,500m+ w/ Signal Accessories


Manual Firing

Basic STEP Firing

Fixed Delay AUTO-FIRE

Rapid / Multi-cue Manual Firing*

Firing Memory*

Module Counts*

STEP Scripting*

Timed Event Scripting*

Audio Box Support*

Deadman Support*

Control Panel Support*

Backlit Keypad

Module Continuity Checks

Module Signal Strength Checks

Module Low Battery Warnings

*Features in the 18R2 only

Reg. Price: $299.99

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Android Control Panel

The Control Panel is a downloadable Android app that provides a comprehensive user interface into the 18R2. Features include device list viewing with exception notifications, continuity reports, scripted show controls with play / pause, and jump-to functions, and much more...

Quick specs

Operating System Android
Minimum Hardware Requirements

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)+

OTG (on-the-go) USB Support



Device List w/ Auto-exceptions

Scripted Show Controls

Manual Firing Interface

Field Map Control

Reg. Price: $199.99

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