Wireless Re-programmer - $104.99

The COBRA wireless re-programmer is used to upgrade to the latest software releases on the 18R, 18R2, and 18M, and Audio Box. In addition, the wireless re-programmer can be used to upload any custom software changes performed by COBRA specific to a customer's request. All software updates are fully serviced and supported by the COBRA team.

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COBRA Reprogramming Instructions

All COBRA software releases are completely free. All software releases, past and current, can be found on our Feature Improvements / Firmware Upgrades page. We can also provide phone or Skype support for upgrading our systems interactively. We'll make sure the process is smooth and everything is performed correctly.

  • Initial Software Setup
  • Update the 18R or 18R2
  • Update the 18M
  • Update the Audio Box

Firmware Updates and Wireless Reprogrammer by Fireworks Show

An instructional video demonstration on reprogramming COBRA devices. Presented by Tim from Fireworks Show.


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