Introducing Ten Module Chargers!

Feb. 7th 2018
We have been getting many requests for chargers than can charge more than five modules at once, and we are happy to finally offer a 10 Module LiPo Charger. The charge rate will remain the same with ten simultaneous modules as with five.

Test Bulbs, Module Box, and Audio Box Buttons Added!

Feb. 7th 2018

We have added a few replacement items, as well as test bulbs! We included links to products added below:

  • Test Bulb - 20 Pack
  • Module Box
  • Audio Box Buttons

  • Show Checklists / System Maintenance Section Added!

    Feb. 7th 2018

    We have added a new section containing a series of checklists, maintenance and pre-show procedures:

    • Equipment Preparation Checklist
      • Make sure all equipment is properly prepared and checked before a show.
    • Pre-show Checklist
      • Ensure that all equipment functionality is verified prior to shooting your show.
    • 18R2 Scripted Dry Run Checklist
      • Perform a dry run of a scripted show.
    • Common Troubleshooting
      • Common troubleshooting issues per device.
    • Show Problem - Next Steps
      • Provides instructions on the steps to take after any type of issue on your show. Issues can be caused by the operator, equipment, environment, or other factors.
    • Equipment Annual Maintenance
      • Best practices for annual maintenance of your COBRA equipment.

    Tablet Recomendations added to Control Panel

    Jan. 9th 2018

    We are excited to announce that we have added a comprehensive list of tablet recommendations to our COBRA Control Panel product page. Be sure to check these out if you are in the market for a tablet and want some direction in choosing a device. For any other specific questions on tablets, please be sure to reach out to us at

    External SMA Cables are Back in Stock!

    Jan. 3rd 2018

    We are happy to annouce that we are back in stock on Armored Case External SMA Antenna Connector. We will be shipping out any orders containing these, as well as any orders with the below items today:

    We are incredibly sorry for this delay and truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    COBRA Dish Antenna Back in Stock!

    Jan. 3rd 2018

    We are excited to annouce we are back in stock on our Dish Antenna. We will be shipping any orders with this item out in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience has caused.

    Deadman Control Back in Stock!

    Jan. 3rd 2018

    We are pleased to annouce that our COBRA Deadman Control is currently back in stock! We will be shipping out any oders with this item in the next day or two.

    Control Panel 2.0.4 BETA Update!

    Dec. 28th 2017

    The COBRA 2.0.4 BETA release is a minor patch release for the COBRA firmware version 5.0.0 and 5.0.2.

    • Added support for the Samsung View 18.4"
    • Fixed incorrect address display issue for 36M
    • Fixed crash report when loading on specific devices

    Drawings have been added to all DB25 Cables

    Dec. 14th 2017
    In an effort to help customers better understand our cables and their genders, we have recently adding clarifying drawings to all slat cables. You can view these on our DB25 Cables page.

    Introducing a New Talon Size: 6M (19.5 ft)

    Dec. 12th 2017
    We are excited to announce that we now offer a 6M Talon Igniter Clip . We heard your feedback and decided to have this COBRA exclusive length produced. Other than the extra meter of length, this size is identical to other talons we offer, and will function exactly the same.

    COBRA Baseball Hat Now Available!

    Nov. 27th 2017

    This is Betty, our office model. Betty looks fly in her COBRA hat. Be like Betty.

    We are thrilled to announce that the COBRA Baseball Hat is now available for purchase! Boasting an adjustable velcro strap, pre-frayed brim, as well as a fabric back, this hat will be the envy of the shoot site.

    Get yours today!

    18M Airburst Cue Strip Now Available!

    Oct. 31st 2017

    We are excited to announce that we have just released our RJ11 Airburst Cue Strip!

    This cue strip is designed to allow your module to fire Airbursts. Airbursts typically come as a set of three effects, pre-wired into an RJ11 harness. Each kit includes one cue strip with two separate RJ11 female connectors.

    You can install one or more cue strips per module. If you are using a Slat Connector, you will only be able to install these cue strips in the first and second bays. Installation is simple, only a screwdriver is required.

    New Decals!

    October 18th 2017

    We have been hard at work in the COBRA Art Lab creating a second series of our decals we know you have all come to love. You can find them along with COBRA apparel on our Stickers / COBRA Swag page.

    The 36M has Landed!

    October 10th 2017

    We have officially released the 36M firing module for sale and immediate shipment!

    One of the benefits of the 36M is it's ability to use varying Pro-Adapt plates to support different connection methods. We will be offering a number of options in the coming months. For our initial rollout, we are focusing on the large armored case with on board speaker terminals, and a version that supports 2 x 18S slats or a single 36 cue slat. We plan to release this 36 cue slat soon. Other options will include a side exit SE-300 case, quick plug support, mini 6 cue slats including CAT-5 cable support, and more. Any 36M can use a different Pro-Adapt plate by simply removing the plate and plugging in another.

    The 36M comes with a standard LiPo, external power and still supports 9V batteries in a pinch. In addition, we have added an LCD screen for displaying channel, address, battery levels, signal and more without having to rely on a boot up process.

    We will be offering $50 off for the next week for each type of module with limited availability.

    36M with 18S Slats - $549 USD
    36M with Onboard Cues and Slat Support - $599 USD

    Please note that the 5.0.2 firmware is required for operation. If you have any questions, please call at 518-222-7410 or email We plan to release a 72M option in the coming months as we are finalizing some of the adapter plate productions.

    More New Replacement Parts!

    Sept. 25th 2017

    We have performed another round of adding new replacement parts for modules, remotes, and more. You can browse all parts on our new Replacement Parts category page. We plan to continue adding more parts in the weeks to come. We also have included a list of parts added below.

    Armored Case

  • Foam for Armored Case Remote
  • Antenna Clip
  • 18M Armored Case Faceplate
  • Audio Box

  • Internal Antenna Cable Head Only for 18R/18M/Audio Box
  • Remote / Module / Audiobox PCB Screw
  • Audio Box Case
  • Antenna Clip
  • Module

  • Keypad for 18M
  • Internal Antenna Cable Head Only for 18R/18M/Audio Box
  • Remote / Module Enclosure Screw
  • Remote / Module Cue LED
  • Cue Strip Gasket
  • Double Battery Contact Tab
  • Remote

  • Internal Antenna Cable for 18R2
  • Keypad for 18R or 18R2
  • Internal Antenna Cable Head Only for 18R/18M/Audio Box
  • Remote / Module Enclosure Screw
  • Remote / Module Cue LED
  • Battery Harness for Remote
  • Double Battery Contact Tab
  • Slat

  • Nylon Screw Washer for 4/24-1 Screw
  • Enclosure Kit for 18R
  • Nylon Standoff for DB25 Connector